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Parquet Flooring in Ipoh Malaysia

Parquet Flooring is a geometric mosaic of wood pieces used for decorative effect in flooring. The most popular Parquet Flooring pattern is herringbone. Flooring is an important aspect of your household, as the floor not only goes through a lot of brutes but also adds a classic touch to your Villa and increase the value of your Villa. Our handyman is the perfect choice for Parquet Flooring. Parquet Flooring is popular nowadays. It gives a good look. Hire our ever-ready team for Parquet Flooring.

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Parquet Flooring Malaysia Services, We Mainly Offer

Parquet flooring installation seems extremely manageable, but only when Handyman Malaysia takes the wheel. Additionally, a flooring installation goes through several consecutive stages. Without adequate knowledge or skill, you won’t be able to perform the installation work. Also, there are specific tools and equipment that are required during the installation process. Handyman Malaysia, being one of the leading parquet flooring services Malaysia companies have knowledge about the requisite tools and tactics to accomplish the installation job way before your estimated time. Parquet flooring comes with a combination of both beauty and strength. Till now, our experienced team of experts has gathered positive feedback from the customers for installing the following:

Laminated Parquet Flooring

Whilst wood flooring is nothing new in home-remodelling, but a recent resurgence has been noticed in parquet flooring installation. And, laminate parquet flooring is extremely traditional, elegant, and well-suited for modern houses as well. Are you planning to get unique parquet flooring? Simply, go for the laminated one. It’s mostly preferable for its user-friendly installation. You also get easy maintenance, and various other benefits. You just need to opt for sweeping and mopping daily to keep its shine. Simply, schedule an appointment with us for an accurate parquet laminate flooring installation. After the completion of the booking procedure, our team will arrive at your doorstep for rendering remarkable changes to your house.

Herringbone Parquet Flooring

This is one of the most stylish parquet flooring designs, which is suitable for every room-size or type. Moreover, the best part about Herringbone patterns is that they can be installed at different angles. And, from every angle, it will portray a classic appearance in your house. Book our parquet flooring services Malaysia, and the rest will be assured by our professional handyman. Moreover, we have kept the booking procedure short and precise so that everyone can avail our services. Herringbone is available in Malaysia, in two specific designs — On the one hand, Herringbone parquet flooring contains smaller planks of wood, and on the other side, the wider wood planks. Both are in high demand these days. We, at Handyman Malaysia, have trained our experts to install, maintain, clean, and replace these variant structured Herringbone flooring. The best parquet flooring specialists are just a few calls away.

Chevron Parquet Flooring

Are you looking for a classic parquet flooring design for your home decor? Then, you should simply consider Chevron parquet flooring. Moreover, this sort of flooring installation has widespread acknowledgement for its classic “V” shape. Primarily, if you have a narrow living or dining space in your house, definitely go for this one. Because, with the help of Chevron flooring, the narrow spaces will appear to be slightly bigger than their actual size. And, our team of flooring experts can easily tackle the installation of chevron flooring. Being one of the most recommended flooring companies, we have restored both the light and dark wood-toned Chevron flooring design. Lightwood tone will be absolutely perfect for a fresh and fashionable look. Whereas, go for the dark wood flooring for an alluring warm texture.

Rustic Parquet Flooring

Want to get a vintage look in your bungalow? Then, Rustic flooring should be an incredible addition to the interior design. Whether the flooring of your house is reclaimed or unfinished, no other parquet designs can beat this one. Aside from providing an eye-soothing design, Rustic hardwood floors are also suitable when it comes to offering sustainability. And, we have joined hands with the high-skilled professionals who can deal with every sort of parquet flooring installation work with utter diligence and dedication. It won’t break your bank to install Rustic parquet flooring. Simply, join with us and choose the preferable service package that suits your budget.

Engineered Wood

Nowadays, engineered flooring is acquiring recognition as it’s easy-to-maintain and installs than solid hardwood. Do you have a furry friend or a child in your house? Then, we would highly suggest opting for this one. Even if you run an organization, engineered flooring will be a great choice to provide an outstanding look. Moreover, this sort of flooring is suitable for controlling the overall room temperature in the hot-humid-dusty surroundings of Malaysia.

One of the best parts about engineered wood flooring is that it’s less damage-prone. Thus, excessive water restoration or moisture exposure won’t affect this type of parquet flooring texture. And, with the implementation of the right tools and equipment, we will help you to get a perfectly finished flooring structure. 

If requested, we will even help you to understand the entire installation procedure. Being an eminent flooring service provider, we would advise you to install Engineered wood in the bathroom area — that will be a great initiative. 

Alongside, our professional handyman has sheer awareness about the following Geometric parquet flooring designs:

  • Mansion Weave, 
  • Parquet de Versailles, 
  • Diamond patterned, Hexagonal
  • Brass inlay
  • Contrast against tiles and much more

Services For Oak Parquet Flooring:

For Oak Parquet service of Flooring you can book our Handyman. Our handyman is skilled in this task. He gives services at Villa, Apartment, Business, factories, and Buildings. Annual contracts and day/night shifts can be handled by our handyman for parquet flooring. The time that suits you best is important for us. our services are according to customer’s willing and choice.

Why should you Consider Booking our Parquet Flooring Malaysia Team?

Inadequate maintenance can disrupt even these sustainable flooring materials. This is where Handyman Malaysia comes into the work — we offer preventive maintenance service as well. With the assistance of monthly or yearly maintenance, you can now enhance the longevity of the parquet flooring. 

We have extended our service network so that we can install every sort of parquet flooring designs in your mentioned location. Besides, we maintain stringent rules and regulations to safeguard the shared credentials of our customers. Our customer support executives are always available to offer persistent behaviour to sort all your service-related queries.

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Handyman Malaysia is known for providing prompt home-based services, and parquet flooring Malaysia service is not an exception. Additionally, our professionals are worth-hiring, and they have gathered enough positive feedback from our customers. You can even check our service-rating to acknowledge our professionalism and policy. For further information, don’t hesitate to call us.