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Sanitary appliances play a major part in every residential and commercial sector. Additionally, different kinds of sanitary fittings work to collect and discharge the soil and waste matter. Whether you shifted into a new apartment or want to fit additional sanitary wares in your house, you will require professional assistance. Thus, we are here to offer you high-quality sanitary fitting in Malaysia. Additionally, our skilled professionals can handle all the works associated with plumbing services Malaysia. For any kind of sanitary fitting and removal, you can rely on our highly experienced professional. 

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We Provide Exclusive Sanitary Fitting in Malaysia

Being one of the renowned and top-leading service providers in Malaysia, we offer our customers with a plethora of services. Our professionals can efficiently install several kinds of sinks, bathtubs, washbasins, urinals, water closet, and even flushing cisterns. Just mention the type of sanitary wares that you want to install and we will arrive at your place with the required tools.

Hand-Wash Basin Fitting

The hand-wash basins are one of the essential sanitary appliances for every household owner. Additionally, we can install double and single tap hand-wash basins in your house or office. Our skilled professionals can efficiently install several types of faucets in the hand-wash basins. Whether you want hot and cold water or both, get in touch with us and get one-time assistance.

Bath-Tub Fittings

We can provide you with several kinds of bathtub fitting services. Additionally, you get to consult with our professional before opting for the right bathtub. Based on the size of the bathroom, we help our customers to choose the best-suited tub. Our professionals can help you with several kinds of bathtubs like generic bathtubs, soaking bathtubs, cast iron bathtubs, acrylic bathtubs, composite tubs, and even cultured solid surface tubs.

Water Closet Fittings

We offer our customers several kinds of water closet products. And, starting from installing the shower jets to setting up a jet water closet, our professionals can effectively handle all the sanitary fittings jobs without any hassle. We provide our services in the commercial and residential sectors. Apart from this, we offer you high-quality urinal taps, spreader water closets, and flash valves,

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Being one of the largest plumbing services Malaysia, we offer our customers several sanitary fitting in Malaysia. Additionally, we ensure you get premium quality sanitary appliances in your house and workplaces. Just mention the type of sanitary fittings that you want to install, and we will help you to comment with the right professional who is suitable for this job.

  • We are available round the clock to serve you with the best sanitary fitting in Malaysia. Additionally, we offer our premium quality service in every region across Malaysia.
  • Moreover, all the certified professionals have years of experience to fit the sanitary appliances properly in your mentioned places. 
  • The experts have a wide knowledge of the tools and equipment that are required to install the sanitary fitting in Malaysia.
  • We house skilled professionals to perform the sanitary fittings jobs. Further, they have undergone several training modules for providing you on-time assistance. 
  • We can assist you with quality bathroom and kitchen sanitary wares. Moreover, we have gained a huge reputation due to our impeccable plumbing service Malaysia.

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Water Closets Sanitary Fitting:

Water Closet is a Sanitary Fitting which is designed to receive Human excreta directly and convey to the underground sewer through a trap. Our Handyman is expert to fulfill such task that is connected to Sanitary Fitting. Give a call to Ipoh Handyman Services and avail our services by sitting Home. Our good services are for Apartment, Villa, Business and Buildings etc…

Flat Back Basin Fitting:

Flat back basins are provided with double or single tap holes. All the wash basins should be of one piece construction and should have slotted overflow hole. All the internal angles are designed so as to facilitate cleaning.Our Handyman is professional in his work and give his services in time.Sanitary Fitting need to be done by experienced Handyman. Ipoh Handyman Services is Best all over Malaysia.

Handyman can do Plumbing Fixtures:

Our Handyman can do most common Plumbing Fixtures which include:Bidets,Pipes,Showers,Hose Bib,Janitor Sinks,Kitchen Sinks,Flush Toilets,Channel Drains,Drinking Fountains. All Sanitary Fitting related work can be done by our Handyman with great care and good mannered way.

Handyman Bath Tub Fitting:

Bath Tub may be made of various materials.Any kind of Bath Tub can be Install by our Handyman.Bath Tub is a big necessity that is needed all time. For Fitting of Bath Tub our Handyman is skilled and do all work without any cause of damage.We offer Handyman services of all kind.

Sanitary ware Fitting For Kitchen:

Our Handyman can do Sanitary Ware Fitting for kitchen. Apartment and many buildings have Kitchen for cooking purpose. sanitary Ware fitting for kitchen can be professionally done by our experienced handyman.Our services are 24/7.Quality work is guaranteed.


Our professionals take care of the wash-basin, urinal, bathtub, toilet suites fitting and installation. Additionally, they check the location, position, number, and operating components of sanitary fitting at your location. So, the maximum capacity doesn’t cross its limit.

Plumbing means the installation of pipes, faucets, shower-heads, and water heaters and their repair. Thus, you should rely on our sanitary fittings in Malaysia services for a seamless installation or fitting of sanitary appliances along with our explicit plumbing services Malaysia